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Jul 31, 2015

This week the fellas kick back and relax, like some good ol boys will do. Clint Schwach a Film Producer from Bone Collector and Relatree Roadtrips is on the show this week to talk a little about his experiences, some behinds the scenes, and how he got into this career field. 


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Jul 24, 2015

Nick Mundt from the hit show Bone Collector and Relatree Roadtrips joins the fellas on the podcast this week. We kick back and talk to Nick about his hunting career and anything else you can imagine the fellas putting him through. Nick touches on going from barber, to guide, all the way to working for Realtree. We also...

Jul 18, 2015

This is not the typical podcast episode. We grabbed some segments from the first 10 episodes. If you missed a episode this is the place to go back and find one you might like. A little taste from each! Enjoy!


Episode 003
Episode 004
Episode 005
Episode 006 - Taxidermist Mark Riffe
Episode 007

Jul 18, 2015

This week the fellas go without a guest and let their hair down to discuss some fun bowhunting and outdoor related articles.. oh and have a couple cold ones. Steve spends way too much time on each topic and Curt is not impressed. Enjoy!








Martin Archery Fire

Funny Anti Hunting Comments

Levi Morgan 6th IBO...

Jul 10, 2015

Travis "T-Bone" Turner joins the fellas this week on the podcast. Travis is 1 of the 3 hosts of the hit show Bone Collector, on the Outdoor Channel. You may also know Travis from the show Realtree Roadtrips. 

This week the fellas limit their usual bufoonery and are educated by T-Bone's vast knowledge of archery and...