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Feb 27, 2019

Jim Shockey joins the show this week! This episode is an eye opener to the management and politics behind hunting grizzly bears. A learning opportunity for everyone!

Jim is an absolute legend of the outdoors. Almost all of us have grown up watching and dreaming of the adventures he has been on. 

Jim owns several exclusive outfitting territories in Canada, including the Pacific Rim Guide Territory on Vancouver Island, British Columbia and the Rogue River Outfitting in the Yukon Territory.

You can watch him on "Jim Shockey's Hunting Adventures" and "Jim Shockey's Uncharted" on Outdoor Channel and MOTV. His productions have won 15 Golden Moose awards. 

Main highlights of this episode:

-Jim's single "Howl With Me"

- Hand of Man Museum

- Hunting isn't about a kill 

- Einerson Lake tragedy

- Why bear management is important

- Politics and hunting laws

  Links from the episode:

Jim's FB post discussed in this episode

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