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Jul 23, 2020

In this episode we start a conversation with an Illinois Police officer and discuss some of the difficult times right now, getting back into hunting and learning more as a hunter. 

After that segment, Mark Drury jumps and talks summer scouting with us. From disease, public land, moon phases, and fun conversation in the mix! Enjoy! 

Episode Breakdown/Highlights:

  • A segment with Police Officer Devin Patterson - 12:00 - 46:00
  • Mark Drury 47:00
  • Wildlife Eye
  • EHD/CWD 
  • Social stress for deer "Too many bass in the pond"
  • Hunting smaller farms
  • Getting along with neighboring hunters
  • It's not "YOUR" deer
  • Summer deer patterns and shifts to look for
  • Slave to the wind
  • Watch from afar then make your move
  • Winter scouting 
  • Don't bump em before you hunt em!
  • Public hunting
  • Rising moon/rain fronts
  • Bachelor groups 60% stay?
  • Old dog movement
  • The best hunters are optimistic

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