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Oct 1, 2019

This episode covers Andrae's background and the story on how he became a bowhunter. From there we cover a ton of topics from big buck stories to breaking down buck behavior. 

In this episode: 

  • Growing up in Milwaukee 
  • Start in the outdoors 
  • Trapping
  • Starting to deer hunt
  • Gun / bow divide
  • Ground hunting with a recurve
  • First experience with a treestand 
  • First Pope & Young
  • Learning to find deer
  • Setting a goal for a net Boone & Crockett
  • Trail Cameras can make people lazy?
  • Big bucks avoiding trail cameras?
  • Getting close to the state record... on public!
  • Wood stands 
  • Cast stand platforms 
  • The birth of the name "LONE WOLF"
  • Climbing a tree with no sticks
  • Climbing sticks
  • Avoiding podcasts and media??
  • A "fun" hunting story

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