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Sep 15, 2015

Jordan from The Bone Shed joins the fellas this week in the studio at the good ol 1600 Buck Slayer Place AKA The Buckotorium! The fellas talk a bit about Tim Wells and his current spear accident, thankfully Tim is ok but the video is worth the watch. The guys also get into important gear and products for safety as well as highly reccommended gear for your bowhunting setup that will get you through the season! The guys talk arrows, the big debate single vs multi pin sights, drop away rests, and more.

Enjoy and look for part 2 BONUS episode with Jordan which is a much more relaxed episode talking random outdoor stories…sasquatch??


Links from the Episode:

The Bone Shed

The Bone Shed Facebook

Tim Wells Spear Video

G5 limb driven rest

vapor trail rest

Whisker Biscuit

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