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Oct 27, 2016

Clark Cummings from Elite Archery's Respect the Game TV joins the podcast to discuss his success hunting big Illinois whitetails. 

Clark covers

  • Managing small properties
  • Set up & management
  • Hunting Pressure
  • Rut hunting
  • Trail cameras
  • hunting mature bucks  "moving with purpose"
  • hunting winds the deer think are to their...

Oct 25, 2016

Ross Bigger comes back for another podcast episode to talk about his recent experience chasing mule deer, October to November stand tips & more! Enjoy!

Watch Ross on Respect The Game TV:

Instagram: @RossBigger219


Oct 20, 2016

Jeff Lindsey joins the podcast this week. You'll know Jeff and his father David Lindsey from The Drury Outdoors Series " Dream Season " and their new show on Sportsman Channel - The Lindsey Way! It's no surprise seeing these boys put down some big critters! Great down to earth guys! We hope you enjoy!


Oct 20, 2016

Curt,Eric, Steve and Mark discuss hunting Early October, entry and exit strategies, blood trails and more! Enjoy!

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