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Aug 30, 2019

Kevin Venison from Deer Hunter Podcast joins us on the show this week! We talk a lot about social media influence in hunting and the mental aspect of chasing whitetails. Enjoy! 

Covered on this episode:

  • Podcasting bringing people together 
  • shop talk
  • Deer camp
  • The film 
  • Whats wrong with social media
  • Failing = learning

Aug 21, 2019

Jamie from Illinois Deer & Beer Fest joins us on the show this week! We talk about the upcoming show, food plots, deer season and coyote hunting! Enjoy! 

  • Steve's news segment
  • How the show came to be
  • The show experience
  • All hunting related vendors 
  • The place for hunters
  • Hella deals
  • Seminars
  • The smell of deer season! 

Aug 16, 2019

This week Steve and Brian from North American Whitetail Championship join the show! The guys give the breakdown and talk about the positives of bringing people together within the tournament. Enjoy!

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CarbonTV Exclusive Video Podcast!

Aug 9, 2019

Tyler Kath from T & K hunting gear joins us this week on the show! Tyler talks about starting his own business, social media marketing strategies, and developing products that can withstand the elements!

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Aug 1, 2019

Larry McCoy joins us again on the show! This week we talk antelope hunting, bows and the Outdoor group!

Highlights from this episode:

  • Steve's terrible news segment
  • Antelope hunting
  • Raptor Trick broadheads
  • Ritual 35
  • Long distance shooting
  • Jim Kelly
  • Special edition bows
  • Home life videos 
  • The people behind...