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Aug 14, 2018

Just the fellas in the studio this week! Discussing some recent happenings, upcoming hunts, goals for the season and much more! Enjoy!

In This episode:

  • Veteran Shout - Clifford Howard
  • Presented by Scent Crusher
  • The WCB Elite Ritual!
  • Getting ready for upcoming hunts
  • Goals for the season
  • Doug's buck
  • Hat slap?
  • Living in...

Aug 9, 2018

Podcasting from Deer Fest in West Bend, Wisconsin! Josh & Krysten take time out of running the Big Tine booth to B.S. and talk about their pro shop; Shooters Archery! Enjoy!

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Aug 2, 2018

Andrew from Wild Edge Inc. joins the show this week to discuss his Stepladder system. The Wild Edge Stepladder system is huge in the saddle hunting community and we can see why! If you've ever thought about trying to hunt from a saddle... you might want to tune into this one! Enjoy!

Code: WCB10 - 10% off Wild Edge...

Jul 31, 2018

This is a packed house episode! Recorded out of studio at "188 Chandler Pent House".  Joe Umphries from Big Tine, Jake Powers from Live Fire Media Group, TJ Unger and Brady Miller from The Virtue TV! 

**Breaking news on the Illinois mineral / supplemental feed situation! **

In this episode:

  • Veteran Shout Out Segment -...

Jul 26, 2018

The legend Paul Biggs accompanies the podcast this week. The check cleared! Paul is the producer for The Outdoor Group and you can see his art on Respect The Game TV!

The episode has been blessed with these topics & more:

  • Veteran Shout Out
  • Steve gets invited to Oklahoma
  • Producing for The Outdoors Group
  • Hunting...