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Jun 13, 2019

Wade from Gator Outdoors joins us this week! We get to the bottom of what Gator Outdoors is, what makes us think of hunting camp, why different whitetail tactics are needed and more! Enjoy!

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Jun 10, 2019

We finally caught up with Dan Johnson from the Nine Finger Chronicles Podcast! Two years in the making! This is your classic B.S. episode... talking about anything and everything! Look for Pt. 2 on the Nine Fingers Podcast! 

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Jun 7, 2019

Clint Casper is back! This episode covers everything from Montana bear hunting to deep whitetail tactics! Enjoy! 

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May 31, 2019

Shawn Polke from Team H&B joins us on the podcast this week! We cover Shawn's recent Ocellated turkey hunt in Mexico. From the culture to the hunt this episode covers it all. Enjoy!

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CarbonTV Exclusive Video Podcast!

May 22, 2019

Cole Thompson is the brains behind the Illinois Deer and Beer Fest! We wanted to cover this show because Illinois is our home and its about time we get our own show back! Deer and BEER? We are in! 

  • Pre order ticket prices $5
  • $10 at the door
  • August 24th & 25th
  • Archery tag
  • Pop up archery targets
  • BB gun range for...